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I’m not sure where I should post this question or even if it is a PHP problem, please stay with me on this. I’m a designer and have inherited the responsibilities of the server and web site at the commercial photography company I work for (due to the financial environment).

The site written in PHP is hosted on our server here. The web address points to a folder on this sever:


However the images our photographers take and which are displayed to our customers through the website are stored elsewhere on the same server, outside the path of the domain name.


I don’t understand how these images are visible in the website, when they are stored outside the domain path. I had a friend who works installing servers take a quick look and he said there was something pointing to the mount directory in the server set-up, however he thought it could be done in PHP also.

I’m sure I’m clear as mud, I don’t understand this myself at all. Can I do this with PHP or does it need to be done in the server set-up? Can you help me or tell me where to start looking?


I am no expert, but I work in a Unix environment, and we link directories together using the standand unix symbolic links (google it). I think you can find them by using the find command

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