Export Database from one MySQL DB to Another

Hello Smart people,

I export a MySQL database with 42 tables as .sql and tried to import to a new database. The problem is, only 24 of the tables are imported. Am I doing something wrong. I check the database variable settings and I don’t see anywhere where it limits the amount of tables can be on the database.

One more thing, how can I change the variable settings for MySQL database. I SSH to the database and cannot find the file containing the settings to make the changes.

Thanks in advance

How did you do the export (SQLYog, phpMyadmin, sqldump, etc…)?

Did you attempt to Import by using the same/similar method? Do the sql commands include a create if not exist command for the tables (or a Drop if exists before the create)?

Also what variable settings in MySQL are you referring to? By “I SSH to the database…” do you mean that you SSH to the database server?

Finally, what version(s) of MySQL are you dealing with? What OS are you dealing with? What version of other (appropriate) software are you dealing with.

I exported/imported the database using phpMyadmin. I imported using the same method. The version is: MySQL - 4.1.20. I meant to say that I ssh to the database server and no it doesn’t have a create if not exit command. Can you tell me the appropriate way to do this?

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