Expanding div vertically to accommodate content

I have basically 3 divs. Top horizontal for title etc. And two vertical ones. Float left and float right. On the left side I input data in the form and it is shown on the right side. But when there is more posts div doesn’t grow to accommodate all posts?

header{ position:fixed; top:0px; height:15%; left:0px; right:0px; background-color:#333; color:#FFF; z-index:10; opacity:0.6; } #left{ position:absolute; top:15%; bottom:0px; width:50%; height:100%; left:0px; background-color:#900; color:#FFF; z-index:8; overflow:hidden; clear:both; } #right{ position:absolute; top:15%; bottom:0px; width:50%; height:100%; right:0px; background-color:#999; color:#FFF; z-index:8; overflow:hidden; clear:both; }

Can you post the HTML that goes along with the CSS? Or link the website so I can see it.

I solved it by setting overflow to scroll;
But for your information I will publish html code:


Assignment - Baza podataka (MySQL)


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<?php require 'incl/posts.php'; ?>
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