Execution of exact same code in local differs from server


Hello! So I’ve been programming a function for my program. I tested in with xampp in php 7.2 on my local server. The execution goes perfectly well and never bugs. However, I’m using git to make sure every part of the code stays intact and I use php 7.2 on my website’s server and use exactly the same database with the same data on both, but still, the execution on the online server doesn’t work at all like on local and doesn’t give the same results (which are the right ones). Is it because of the server? Is there a param in apache that could be different? I don’t get it… Help?


We cant see your screen. How about posting the code. We have no idea what “doesn’t work at all like” means.


Well, I would but there are 961 lines for this to work.

It just takes data (which is exactly the same for both db)
changes it a bit.
stores it in another table.

Same code, same data. No difference at all. Im just wondering if my server interprets some code differently.

But if you really really want me to show you code, I cant sorry for bothering you.


Alright found it after about 5 hours of searching. My bad. The timezone was not the same on my localhost as on the server.


Since you are already using GIT, if you push your code to GitHub we can review the code on there for any problems.