Everything stopped working from no where?

I run apache on ubuntu with php and mysql. From no where things stopped working and I have no idea why. My index.php is fully white and I get weird fatal errors for example: Uncaught Error: Class ‘mysqli’ not found, Uncaught Error: Class ‘open_imap’ not found etc.
I have no idea what to do. I have php7 and all of these things have worked without any problem until now.

phpinfo() says that i have imap and everything else installed. i have tried to restart both php and apache without any result. I have also tried to reinstall imap but since it already is installed nothing happens with that either. I have also done apt-get update

Is this a localhost develop system running on your personal computer?

What is the full url you are using for the index.php page?

What does the ‘view source’ in your browser of the blank/white page show?

Are these errors being displayed in the browser or written to a log file?

How are you executing the file containing the phpinfo() statement?

Post a copy/paste of the line of the phpinfo() output for the imap extension.

it was a localhost envoirment
I ended up whiping PHP, MYSQL and Apache and then i installed all of them again which made everything work again. Have no idea what happened.

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