I have a several page for my errors
I use next handler for it

 $info = array();
 $trace = array();
      if($errNo==E_USER_ERROR || $errNo==E_ALL){
            foreach ($errMsg as $key => $value) {
                $info[$key] = $value;                                 
            if (function_exists('debug_backtrace')) {
            $trace = debug_backtrace();


MOD EDIT: added CODE bb code tags

but after finish I did’t receive a list of errors (only first error).
I have to receive a whole list in my error page.
Probably you know how I can improve my code ???

when viewing the arrays you are using print_r?

I’m suspicious of this:

$trace = debug_backtrace();

If $trace is an array where’s the index?

I personally have never used debug_backtrace() so all I can give you is the manual page.

From the example all I really noticed is that it is a 3 dimensional array so it would be displayed with either a var_dump or a print_r. I also noticed on the manual page that there is a new function available in PHP 5 called debug_print_backtrace but it has no/little documentation. If it is an option you could try it and see what happens. I would be interested in the outcome.

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