error with install


I am trying to find out why my script is not loading. I opened then index.php file in dreamewaver,seen that it wanted to load a page called so I opened that file and it tells me that there is an invaled markup. [code]</h", “><”, $source);

	    // Parse the xml document to an array structure
		$parser = xml_parser_create($this->

I am so green but wanting to learn. do I need to change the h to an i ? i’m not sure. thanks for the help.[/code]


What does the error look like?


invalid markup

<?> <".



dose the error message tell me what to change it to for it to be corect? still trying ot understand. thanks. :roll:


With you being “Green” to PHP I am thinking you are not even getting the basics of PHP. You can not run a PHP page through Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is mainly setup for HTML and client-side scripting.

Now before anyone jumps all over me, yes I understand that Dreamweaver can be setup to contact the database or whatever it is that you are trying connect and display properly. But that is hokey at best. Even to use dreamweaver you should have a full understanding on HTML.

Again, PHP must be run through a php parser which resides on the server. PHP is parsed and HTML is served.

The error you are getting is Dreamweaver specific and seeing as we a PHP forum, I don’t know how much help you are going to get here. Sorry.