Error Message

I have no idea what this means:

Warning: Missing argument 15 for banner_confirm() in /home/leeq/public_html/control/ad_admin.php on line 342

Warning: Missing argument 16 for banner_confirm() in /home/leeq/public_html/control/ad_admin.php on line 342

here is the code from line 342:

function banner_confirm($id,$name,$link,$banner,$heigth,$width,$alt,$text,$mouse_text,$num_exp,$prob,$window,$advert_login,$action,$start_date,$end_date) {

Lee Qualls

You need to fill in all of those fields… the last 2 which are the start date and end date were not filled in when you called the function.

Thank you I found my problem.


When you call long functions like that, it might be easier to do this


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