Encrypting a text file to be read by PHP

I have a simple txt file UserInfo.txt on a linux web server that simply has the username on one line and the password on the next line. I know this is not secure at all. The text file looks like below:


I then have a PHP file that reads the UserInfo.txt file and uses that to authenticate against another web app. I would like to encrypt this information so that it passes securely.

Here is the PHP function that reads the file and captures the username and password:

function getCredentials($path = '../UserInfo.txt') {
$credentials = null;
try {
    if ($fh = fopen($path, 'r')) {
        $credentials = (object)array(
            "userName" => trim(fgets($fh)),
            "password" => trim(fgets($fh)),
            "keepAlive" => false
} catch (Exception $ignored) {

return $credentials;


What my concern is, if I go to https://www.example.com/UserInfo.txt, I see the contents of that file. I want that file to be encrypted so it can’t be read by anything other than my PHP script. If I use Notepadd++ to encrypt the file, then upload it to the server, that would encrypt it, but will my PHP file still be able to read it as it should?

You should study up on PHP’s builtin password encryption routines. password_hash()

But, you normally use a database to store passwords so that they are more secure. Text files can be downloaded directly and are seldom used to save passwords.

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