Empty was query. What is wrong?????


[php] if($mcmayor == “No”|| $college ==“CLAS”|| $trans == “No” || $credits == “No” || $fafsa =="No

		$query2 = "INSERT INTO XXXX(empname,empemail,mcmayor,college,trans,mcbs,credits,fafsa,conf,date) VALUES('$empname','$empemail','$mcmayor','$college','$trans','$mcbs','$credits','$fafsa','$conf','$date')";
		mysql_query($query2) or die(mysql_error());
		$body1 = ( "Hi XXXXX, \n\n $empname just applied . Apparently $empname does not have all the requirements for the S-STEM scholarship. \n\n  Please check the folowing website to access all the applicants that don't have all the requirements.\n\n Link: http://XXXXX/XXXX/XXX.php \n\n Thank you,\n\n XXXXX ");
		$body2 = ( "Hello $empname, \n\n Unfortunately at this moment you don’t have all the requirements to apply");

mail( “XXXXX@XXXX.XXX”, “XXXXXX”, $body1, “From: xxxx@xxxx.xom” );

			   mail( "$empemail", "XXXXXX", $body2, "From: xxxx@xxxx.xxx" );

			  //input info into database.
		$query = "INSERT INTO stem(empname,empemail,mcmayor,college,trans,mcbs,credits,fafsa,conf,date) VALUES('$empname','$empemail','$mcmayor','$college','$trans','$mcbs','$credits','$fafsa','$conf','$date')";
		mysql_query($query) or die(mysql_error(testing));
		$body = ( "Hi Jennifer , XXXXX ");
		  $body3 = ( "Hello, XXXXXXXXXXXX");

mail( “xxxx@xxxx.xxxx”, “XXXXXXXXXXX”, $body, “From: XXXXXXX” );

		     mail( "$empemail", "XXXXXXXXX", $body3, "From: XXXXXXXX" );[/php]


Stop using mysql_* functions. mysqli_ at a minimum, PDO is preferred. Then, use parameterized statements.