currently i have a script that emails a set of email address stored in a text file, i.e.,,

how do i make this send the emails to them without them seeing who else is there, currently this is the email

[php]mail( $email, “Thought Of The Day”,
$message, “From:” );[/php]

(and the variable $email has all the email address stored in the same way as above



You should put the file in an array and then just make email = the variable +1 and loop that till the end of file “feof”.
Heres something that might help you.

$file = “./users.txt”;
$fp = fopen("$file", “a+”);
while (!feof($fp)) $content .= fgetc($fp);
$content = $content;
// explode " " = spaces u can change it to “, " if u like
$stats2 = explode(” ", $content);
while (list($index, $stat) = each ($stats2));
$num2 = 9999;
for ($o = 0; $o < $num2; $o++) {
$email = $stats2[$o]
// email code here