email to data base - need help pls

Hello ,
I am trying to use this script :
(Retrieve e-mail messages into a MySQL database)
and i m geting this error msg :
E-mail extract
Notice: (null)(): Mailbox is empty (errflg=1) in Unknown on line 0
enyone can help ?

have u tried to get in cantact with the author of that script?
i should be able to help u out better then we can.

i’m confused about the line number (0), did u include it in a script already? could u post that part of ur script? could it be that ur mailbox is empty (it’s only a Notice) and that u try to fetch emails from an empty mailbox without checking it’s state?

o yes , i have tried to contact the author but is not responding.
Here is the script code :
If you have any idea pls post.

have u tryed to use $edb->num_message() for debugging?

yes, and no results…

what do u mean with no result? 0? null? same error?

o yes , the same error msg

what about $edb->error[] and $edb->status?

Fatal error: Cannot use [] for reading in c:archivos de programaeasyphp1-8wwwetodb-2006-09-01nueva carpetaeemailtodb.php on line 19

please read the chapter about arrays on

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