Email Template Script

I am using Sendy and Amazon SES for our office ecampaigns.
I’d like for our office agents to be able to open the templates
I’ve created and:
1-Post their text in 3-4 text areas of a boat listing
they have.
2-Upload 4 images, 1 large, 3 smaller, linkable to
the larger images. When images are uploaded, they need to
be reduced to the image placement area.
The HTML campaign created would need to be saved.

Does anyone know a PHP script available I can install on our server?
Thank you.

I never heard of Sendy before, it has a clean easy to use interface.

I always used phplist to send out my emails, because it’s 100% free, but I can see the benefit of the emails going out through amazon’s ses (Most likely the delivery rates will be much higher).

Anyway, while I was exploring their site, I came across their forum, it’s hidden.

Not sure if you seen it…

Sounds like your looking for an image re-sizing script?

If that’s the case

Check out

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