Email from my website come from "Nobody"

When I get the form email from my website they come from “Nobody” Can I change that to “your website” or any other?

i am using the following codes


Full Name:



Mailing Address:








<? $name = $_REQUEST['name']; $organization = $_REQUEST['organization']; $designation = $_REQUEST['designation']; $message = $_REQUEST['message']; $phone = $_REQUEST['phone']; $mobile = $_REQUEST['mobile']; $fax = $_REQUEST['fax']; $email = $_REQUEST['email']; mail($email, "The Centre For Change - Thank you for your e-mail!", "Dear $name\n\n Thank You!\n\n We have received your request for registration.\n Please note that your confirmation is subject to receipt of payment.\n\nRegards\nThe Centre For Change"); mail( "[email protected]", "Online Registeration - $name ", "Online Registeration\n\nFull Name: $name,\nOrganization: $organization,\nDesignation: $designation,\nMailing Address: $message,\nMobile: $mobile,\nPhone: $phone,\nFax: $fax,\nEmail: $email,\nMailing Address: $message, " ); header( "Location: tu.html" ); ?>


I have reviewed the old post but its still not solving my problem

Need help

You can vie the screenshot as well from here:

On our recieving end:

On Client End: (this is the auto-responder email sent to client as the form is submitted)

You need to set the “From” header. The mail function takes a 4th parameter of $headers, so to set a from address you need to pass in that 4th parameter with “From: Your Website [email protected]” - or whatever you want it to be

could you please elaborate where should i add it in my php coding… i have tried doing it but the form is not working.

It should be in here:
mail( "[email protected]", "Online Registeration - $name ",
"Online Registeration\n\nFull Name: $name,\nOrganization: $organization,\nDesignation: $designation,\nMailing Address: $message,\nMobile: $mobile,\nPhone: $phone,\nFax: $fax,\nEmail: $email,\nMailing Address: $message, " , “From: $email” );
header( “Location: tu.html” );

thanks a lot for your reply its really working perfectly now…

thanksss for ur support.

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