Editing the HTML generated by php

Hello! I took over a website, coded by others years ago. Should run fine for years and years to come, I just need to make a few tweaks. One thing I have is two pages accessed from our main page, and the php generates pages that are nothing more than an HTML table of bulleted hyperlinks. The one page only has four links on it, and I could have wrote this stuff in Notepad in 1997 in about 2 minutes. :smiley:

Where on earth on my server (Apache Ubuntu) do I find these tables it’s generating? I want to add several on the one page, do some additions/removals on the other one. I have root access, and have Webmin, phpmyadmin, and can FTP in.

I have started, and do plan on learning everything about php, but you’d figure this is something I that wouldn’t be too difficult to take care of early on.

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