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<?php $user_name = "****"; define("USER_NAME","****"); define("PASS_WORD","****"); define("DATABASE","***"); define("SERVER","*****"); $connection = mysql_connect(SERVER,USER_NAME,PASS_WORD); mysql_select_db(DATABASE,$connection); ?>[/php]

Is it possible to edit the values of these constant values?
For example load them into textboxes on the page settings.php and when you submit that form the changes will write into the php file?

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You can grab this file with ftp connection , load i into a textbox and change it,

Hope this help

You can use fopen to edit the file. I’ll post an example soon

First, lets separate your constants to make it easier to edit.

We’ll call it constants.php
//Using a format of /* VARIABLE */ define(‘YOUR_CONSTANT’, “YOUR_VALUE”);

/* USER_NAME / define(“USER_NAME”,"");
PASS_WORD / define(“PASS_WORD”,"
DATABASE / define(“DATABASE”,"");
SERVER */ define(“SERVER”,"


You’ll notice the special format noted in the file. This will be used by the parser we’ll make to edit the file.

This is our class we’ll use to update the constants

class Const_Editor
function OpenFile ($file_name)
//Save our file path & name for saving it later/
$this->file_name = $file_name;
//This will read all of our code lines into an array.
$this->codeLines = file($file_name);
function Update_Constant ($constant_key, $constant_name, $constant_value)
//Loop through the array
for($i = 0; $i < count($this->codeLines); $i++)
//find the line that we want to change
if(strstr($this->codeLines[$i], “/* " . $constant_key . " /"))
//update the array element to contain our new constant.
$this->codeLines[$i] = "/
" . $constant_key . " */ define(” . chr(34) . “’” . $constant_name . “’, '”. $constant_value . “’);”;
function Save_File ()
$saveFile = fopen($this->file_name, “w”);
$saveData = implode(chr(10), $this->codeLines);
fwrite($saveFile, $saveData, strlen($saveData));

Finally lets put it all together.
if($_GET[‘action’] == “update”)
$constEdit = new Const_Editor();
foreach($_POST as $k => $v)
$constEdit->Update_Constant($k, $k, $v);






I just tested all this code aswell and is working.

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