echo overrides css and/or font settings

The following PHP code overrides any style setting I try to use to affect it, including

, , and css setting in the and tags. I’m at a complete loss. <?echo $result[1];?>

The result of this code can be seen at the following link:

It’s in the middle column, top. Huge letters: Result 1-2 of 2 Records. Any help will be greatly appreciated.


 Result 1 - 2 of 2 Records

is the html generated by your code. assuming that the class=‘newsdesc’ is correct, then the css would appear to be the problem. I see that’s the only place this particular class appears on the page. Try using this class in another area and see what happens. If that section appears the same as the existing section then your css is the problem. It’s probably something simple like in your css you define it as newsdecs.

Upon further investigation, it appears that you didn’t define that class at all in your css. go to your css and do a search for newsdesc.

You do have a class called “news” I’m guessing that’s what you want to use

Eureka!! Thanks Bladactania!! It was right in front of me, therefore, I couldn’t see it. Best to you!!

Glad I could help! And believe me I know the feeling. I do it ALL the time!

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