Dynamically changing the page background


Hello, I thought this was a very simple problem. I’m trying to set the various pages of a site with individual background themes. I want the users to define pick their own them color or image which would be stored in a database, and then dynamically applied via Ajax during runtime. To test the concept, I started off with this simple script which should set the background color of every page to white, except for 3 pages which I expect to retain the default background theme as defined in my css file(Default is a color gradient). Unfortunately, these 3 pages also displayed a white bg, and not the default gradient theme. Any ideas why? Here is the code.

		<script type='text/javascript'> //Assign page background dynamically

			$(document).ready(function() {

				if((window.location.href !== 'http://url.com/signup.php')||(window.location.href !== 'http://url.com/register.php')||(window.location.href !== 'http://url.com/login.php')){





hello drayarms, use below code

Note: you must include (Above) jquery.min.js. before executing any jquery if you are already including than there is no need to again include in your code.

you just need to replace || with &&.
i hope this will helpful for you.


@sarthak, well i have to use the OR operator and not the AND since I want the condition to be true if either one of those 3 pages is displayed. Anyway, I solved the problem by defining two different css classes, then using the removeClass() function and addClass() to assign the various classes to the pages I want. Thanks though.