Dynamic form to create db tables

I have embarked on a online reporting system.
The only thing I am having a problem with is allowing signed in users to create reports (MySQL tables).

I need to have it setup so that a user clicks a “create new report” button that takes them to a form that allows them to do the following:

  1. Name Database Table
  2. State how many columns the table will have (Add/Remove Colum Buttons)
  3. If the user chooses to have say, 5 columns for the table, then this form will reflect 5 input text fields that the user fills out to name each Colum.
  4. Hit Save and creates database table that reflect the filled out information.

So again, user gets taken to a form that prompts them to create a custom database table.

User specifies the database table name in a input text field

Then the user can specify how many columns the database table will have and the form reflects this number of columns by displaying the specified amount in input text fields that will actually name the tables columns.

Any ideas?

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