duplicating page templates

I am not much of a coder other than basic html and css lol so I have spent days trying to find a solution to this… an old developer had created custom page templates for this website that call certain filters for the products etc. and this template is applied on 5 pages with different content that is pulled based on ‘terms’. The issue is it has a button link that goes to a certain Calendly booking page. So ALL 5 pages have the same buttons that go to that specific booking page. Ideally I want each of those 5 wordpress pages to go to a different corresponding Calendly booking page, so I thought I could duplicate the page template (calling the new one something else) and just change the link in that new template. Problem I’m having is, it is still pulling the original template when I go into page source and look.

Is anyone able to help me accomplish this please and thank you!!!

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