dual entry one mysql field

I am working on an event directory that lists yearly events I know I can update each year however that will change the entire information in the field.

I would like it so that I can view the information for each year say the event has the date oct 10, 2010 then for 2011 the date is Mar 21, 2011. I want it so that if I do a search for oct 10, 2010 it will return the event if they search mar 21 2011 I want it to find the event I know i can do it by making new fields each year but that would mean constantly changing the php programming every year.

The other thing I want to make sure that if they search the event by event name that it will show the next event and not a previous event so if oct 12, 2010 is put in it will return the mar 21, 2011 event and not then oct 10, 2010 event

Is there anyway of doing this? and if so can someone explain how it is done for me.


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