downgrading php5 to 4.3.11

please please please can anyone help with this!!!

I am using WAMP5 which incorporates php5. my host only supports php 4.3.11 so i need to downgrade.

I’m completely new to this sort of thing and i just cant find help for this anywhere.

please help


I suspect you would need to UNINSTALL php 5 and then re-install php 4.3.1.

You probably need to take care that all files are completely removed from the system (after uninstall, remove any remaining folders that were left behind from the original installation.)

I am not sure if WAMP is an “All in one” package or if you can uninstall the components. as with a linux (LAMP) system. You would need to check with your documentation that came with it.


I had huge problems trying to install php before. Thats what led me to WAMP!!!

Do you have any tips/advice?

It appears that there is only WAMP5 and no version (exclusively) using PHP 4x.

However you can download the “Add-On” for PHP 4 at … add-on.exe
Which gives you PHP 4.4.4. I think that’s about as close to 4.3 that you will get with WAMP. You apparently don’t even need to uninstall WAMP to do this.

You could also just make sure you only use the PHP4.3.x features. If you go to every command states which version it is supported in.

I already have 4.4 installed with WAMP5 but you have to do a LOT of re-configuring to get it to work (something I’m no good at).

Looks like I’ll have to give it a go tho!!!

Is there any way I can find out if 4.4 will work on a system that only supports 4.3?

I couldn’t find a list of commands on the link you gave. Even if I do find them, I am using Dreamweaver to generate the pages. If it uses a php5 code, how would I know what to replace the code with? I dont know php.

On most functions for PHP if you type it will direct you (generally) to the appropriate page for the details on the function. ( I shouldn’t have called it a command, but rather a function.)

Anyway, for example, if you want to know about mysql_connect() you could go to and it should take you right to where you need to be.

Then when you get to that page, if you look below the function name on the page, it will tell you what versions the function works for. (i.e. PHP 3, PHP 4, PHP 5)

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