Double post error - did it go through?

I attempted to post but got an error because I forgot to do the CAPCHA thing, so I went back, entered the CAPCHA info and posted and got an error that I already posted. So now what? Did the first post actually get posted? or both of them? or neither?

I don’t see any posts by you, so I would say neither. Try it again!

I resolved this problem, but others may get caught by it. In my case, I deliberately did not go back and try again because then most likely I would have three attempts at the same post. When I posted this post and saw it in the forum, I realized I hadn’t seen the original post so realized it hadn’t gone through. So I copied the text of my post to Wordpad, closed the page, then went back again, pasted my text back in, and successfully posted it. One weird thing though – this time there was no CAPCHA and therefore no GOTCHA!

Once you’re logged in their is no more Captcha.

no CAPCHA and therefore no GOTCHA!

Funny though, you get KARMA just for that statement!

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