Done website, how to add menu items?

Hi guys!
My friend asked me to add three more buttons on his website. I tought it’d be easy but I’m new to php. So I found a menu_items.xml where were:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<item item_label="Nagykovácsi" item_url="?t=5" />
<item item_label="Remeteszőlős" item_url="?t=6" />
<item item_label="Perbál" item_url="?t=7" />
<item item_label="Tök" item_url="?t=8" />
<item item_label="Zsámbék" item_url="?t=9" />
<item item_label="Budaörs" item_url="?t=11" />
<item item_label="Biatorbágy" item_url="?t=12" />
<item item_label="Herceghalom" item_url="?t=13" />


The last three is the added ones. Then I found where:

$locs = array(
‘1’ => ‘Budakeszi’,
‘2’ => ‘Páty’,
‘3’ => ‘Telki’,
‘4’ => ‘Budajenõ’,
‘5’ => ‘Nagykovácsi’,
‘6’ => ‘Remeteszõlõs’,
‘7’ => ‘Perbál’,
‘8’ => ‘Tök’,
‘9’ => ‘Zsámbék’,
‘10’ => ‘Pest megye’,
‘11’ => ‘Budaörs’,
‘12’ => ‘Biatorbágy’,
‘13’ => ‘Herceghalom’,

Also added the three new items. Now, when I look on the site, there is no changes at all, and can’t find any other files, where I can find about the menu or database that linked to menus or anything. Any suggestions, how to find it? I also have to change the menu’s height to fit the items. Please help, my eyes are bleeding, can’t find a damn thing alone :frowning:
Thank you! :slight_smile:

you forgot what would be the 10th entry (Pest megye) in the xml. shouldn’t make a difference though. for the height, find the div tag, find what class or id its using and then look in the css file(s) for the height.

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