This website and members has been completely awesome with helping me with coding problems. Is there a place to donate anywhere? I’d love to contribute a bit!

I am sure all will tell you the same. This is a free site and it’s yours for the asking.
For payment, you can help others if you can solve their problems.
Please do not answer questions if you don’t understand the question. LOL…

But, thank you very much for your “Thank-You!”!!! You are welcome…

PS: If you work out something with a member thru private email, that is your business.

Thank you for your warm words!
Ernie is right - this site is free and we have no ‘donate’ button, and no plans to add it.

If you like to contribute, just spread the word about this site! We are always glad to see new members on our forums, except spammers of course :slight_smile:

This site has been very helpful but now I am caught in a bind. I thought I had the framework of a deal through private email with a senior helper but now I haven’t heard from the person. Then I noticed on my last question that my ip address is displayed to me, which I kind of thought was unusual. Since then I can’t seem to get a basic question answered in the forum. I’m not sure what I should make of this. Can the moderator please tell me what I should do in light of this?

Your IP address is displayed to you only and to moderators, it is not exposed publicly.

Unfortunately there are quite a few topics with no replies…
While we have many new members joining our forum, we are always in demand of contributing members.

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