Does such a script already exist?

Hi, I’m a newbie at PHP. I want to set up an area on my website to show off my, and others, collections of air rifles. You know the sort of thing ~ manufacturer, model, year, calibre, etc, etc, along with pics. Before I jump in and start reinventing the wheel, does anyone know if there is a Open Source script that would already have this functionality? I’ve looked at various shopping cart solutions, and they have loads of stuff I don’t need, and don’t allow sufficient customisation of the database fields, but I feel that there must be a generic hobbyist script out there?

Many thanks.

If you have in mind certain data structure - i.e. categories/subcategories, manufacturer etc. it is likely that generic solutions like Wordpress, osCommerce, Joomla etc. will not fit your requirements. So, you will either need to create custom script from scratch, or learn one of open source frameworks and customize it to your needs.

Thanks for that ~ it sort of confirms what my research was suggesting. I had suspected that I was going to have to pull my finger out and get my head around creating it from scratch, and have been playing with the mysql data structure, and some of the basic queries that I would need, but before I go any further, can you explain what you mean by frameworks? Sorry if that sounds a bit thick.

Frameworks are nothing more than the back end structure of programs suck as WordPress Joomla etc.

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