Does anyone know any free webhosts that support PHP?

greetings all!,
i am looking for a webhost, example: (, except one which has php support, one that you can upload .php files to. any response would be very helpful!

i also have another question. i was visiting earlier today, and i noticed there was a download for php 5 … topic&f=13

PHP 5.0.0
Complete Source Code

* PHP 5.0.0 (tar.bz2) [4,447Kb] - 13 Jul 2004
  md5: 562b7ad1e903248bbe77884cb904b8b7
* PHP 5.0.0 (tar.gz) [5,465Kb] - 13 Jul 2004
  md5: d9df0d177fa62091a486f0e5cb5aaaca

the source code, well my question was, why do you need to download php 5 to create a website? or do you even have to download php 5 to create a website? cant i just go into notepad, put php code in it, save it as a .php file, and upload it to a webhost? thanks everyone to their responses!

warm regards

Hi RealPhatNinja,

To create a website using PHP, all you need is a server that has PHP installed. So, if you are signing up for a shared hosting package and that server has PHP installed, you don`t need anything else. Its up to them if they want to upgrade PHP on their servers. For instance my server has 4.3.6 installed.

You only need to install PHP if you are running your own server. If you are unsure if your hosting company has PHP installed, or if you want to find out what your servers set up is, type the following into a text file:




Save the file with a .php extension, then upload it to your server. Once this is done access the file in your browser. This will give you your servers configuration.

As for free hosting with PHP, try the following:

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