Div Class in php :S

Hi All,

I hope I have posted in the right forum/section, I have the below code in a php file, which shows a countdown timer.


Currently the below displays the timer on my site like this

01 Days
13 Hours
34 Mins
23 Seconds

I would much prefer it to be aligned like:

01 Days 13 Hours 34 Mins 23 Seconds

But i dont know how to get it to display this way. I used dreamweaver to enter a table and put the Divs inside the cells, but then it messes up the rest of the page. I have no idea what I am doin…argh!

Can any of you help me?


Try to add in your .css file this:

#cday, #chour, #cmin, #csec {
  display: inline-block;
  padding-right: 5px;

Other option is to set fixed width to container .timebox (and to all the inner divs: #cday, #chour, #cmin, #csec), and then make:

#cday, #chour, #cmin, #csec {
  float: left;
#csec { clear: both; }
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