Displaying the top 10 most reccuring records...


Hey All,

I’m a newbie on here so be nice :slight_smile:

Got what is probably a simple question and i’m looking for a simple answer.

I’ve got a basic-medium understanding of PHP and if i don’t understand something I can normally read through the code and understand what its doing but normally I just stick to using Dreamweaver with all of its server behaviors, etc.

I’ve got a table in a SQL database that contains user submitted data (songnames and then in another column whether they clicked yes or no to whether they like it.)

What I’m looking to do is pull the top 10 songs into a php page for people to view…

I just can’t seem to get my head around how It can be done - I know it’s definitely possible and for someone with a correct understanding of PHP in its entirety I’m sure can help me out here…

Any help/suggestions would be amazing.

Thanks in advance,


sorry, that would be the top 10 that have said yes…So basically display [Songname] [x Votes] 10 times obviously the one with the most “yes’s” will appear at the top…