Display Text on frontend listing

Using wp plugin and showing text “Is this your ad?” when place mouse on icon.

Want to display this text “Is this your ad?” in block, Pls see this code from plugin and suggest what to change in code or insert code snippet in function.php.

I will highly appreciate for this tec help.

				$href = apply_filters('w2dc_claim_button_href', $href, $frontpanel_buttons);
				echo '<a class="w2dc-claim-listing-link w2dc-btn w2dc-btn-primary" href="' . $href . '" rel="nofollow" ' . $frontpanel_buttons->tooltipMeta(__('Is this your ad?', 'W2DC'), true) . '><span class="w2dc-glyphicon w2dc-glyphicon-flag"></span> ' . ((!$frontpanel_buttons->hide_button_text) ? __('Is this your ad?', 'W2DC') : "") . '</a> ';
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