Display db rows as table columns

I am trying to display an html table of thumbnails 5 pics accross and three rows down

I have a ‘movie’ database, with a table = ‘list’
fileds of interest: name, catagory, file_name, file_ext
I use:
$catdir = strtolower($category);
the location of the thumbnail is; images/$catdir/$file_name $file_ext
many of my catagorys have over 100 thumbnails
I would love to be able to query my list for a catagoy ie:Drama, Comedy…
and display a table with a linked thumbnail - 5 colums by 3 rows with a next and previous button
I would greatly appreciate any assistance with this
Lonnie (lonnieperrin.com)

You could use a query like this:

SELECT * FROM my_thumbnails WHERE category = ‘my_category’ LIMIT 15

Then use the LIMIT part to skip rows if you are on a different page.
What do you have so far?

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