Disallowed usernames - Warning! *** EXPIRED ***


It has just come to my attention that PHPHelp.com forums were targeting by a certain group using a form of automated process to sign up forum accounts in bulk.

Due to this I shall remove a large section of users (targeted) which have suspect usernames.

If for what ever reason your account is deleted without notice please accept my sincere apologies, if you wish you have your account restored send me an email at the following address.

miles @ home.mnetcs.com

Thank you for your understanding,
Miles Burton
PHPHelp Administrator

Just to follow up

If a user makes any attempt to damage or in attempt divert PHPHelp and its servers from normal procedure you will be permanently blocked from the domain and your local authorities and ISP will be contacted.

Please keep PHPHelp clean and tidy for everyone,
Miles Burton
PHPHelp Administrator

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