directory 404 link error

When I click on a link (a directory output file list) inside a php page to try and download that item from a directory in my server, the server responds with ‘404 - Not Found’. The links will download when they point to files within the web directory area (www), but not anywhere further up in my server.

Should I include something like the following? $ignore = array( ‘cgi-bin’, ‘.’, ‘…’ );
Other suggestions? :slight_smile:

Here’s my code:

<?php $count = 0; if ($handle = opendir('/mnt/HD_a2/tempDwnloads')) { while (false !== ($file = readdir($handle))) { if ($file != "." && $file != "..") {$count++; print("".$file."
\n"); } } echo '

Return'; closedir($handle); } ?>


Ok, I solved my problem:

I created a symlink towards the area where I need to access my files, i have the php file output a list of the directory contents. I click on the symlink and voila! The symlink seems to bypass the link download problem for files outside the www server area. Also have a php password to protect access.

Thanks for any other suggestions you/others may have.


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