different header for each page

I have to make changes in header. Just keywords and titles. Every page should have different keyword. but the problem is if i change header it applies on all pages. what to do now?

Well, if you love programming in PHP then it should be an easy fix. :wink:

I have file called header.inc.php

This is just a small portion of my meta tags for SEO (I know I could have done this better, but I was lazy when I wrote this).

[php]if (preg_match("/HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP Forums/i", $pageTitle)) {
$metaDesc = ‘’;

and this is in he header as well:
[php] <?php echo $metaDesc ?>

<?php echo $pageTitle; ?>[/php]

As you can see, this is how you can have multiple keywords / titles in the header for many different pages. :wink:

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