developement in joomla 2.5

my requirement is basically the volunteer list has three goups namely voluneer list
2.ready volunteer list
3.passive volunteer list

lets say there are 50 volunteers.out of 50 ten members are in active volunteer list and remaining 45 are in volunteer list .based on the date(say some 15 days period) active volunteer action will expire.
out of 45, ten members already present in ready volunteer list so we need to inform this volunteers about expire date of members in the active volunteer list before one week because this members will have to move into the active volunteer list and perform there action as a active volunteers.
finally if the members in the active volunteer list period gets over they automatically should move to the passive volunteer list.and the cycle repeats.
i am new to joomla,i dont know how to start and also that much coding… just give the brief idea about how to initiate the coding and all.

sajan mks

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