Detection of Headphone from PHP program


hi 2 all.
i am working in a telephone company.
we have an asterisk server which routes the call on different IP’s using SIP and IAX protocol.
i want to develop a webpage in php that contains a button(click for a free call to customer service).
when user click that button call is connected with customer service officier.(say to a number 0425987621)
i want to check that “Is there any headphone and mic is connected with user’s machine or not and if there is headphone then how can i access that via php.”

i want your experienced knowledge to share with me.
any positive responce in this regard will be highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.




The thing is that PHP is just the severside script. Then u’ll output something to the client’s browser. thats the point to look at.

Most of the time u are outputting HTML for the client side. There is no possibility to access the soundcard with HTML.

that means that u’ll need a plugin. and then u may comunicate with that plugin with PHP.

i would know to plugins that may be capable of accesing the soundcards input:

  1. JavaApplets (i neither like them nor know much about them)
  2. Flash (since version 7 the flash plugin can access the mic)

[ul]It is posible to create swf files in PHP, and to comunicate with that file via XML witch can be created by PHP as well
but i don’t know how flash is sending the sound back to the server.[/ul]

probably there are more.

i don’t know whether it is posible to check the connection of a mic, i guess that depends on the soundcard. The user who puts on his headphone should be the one who made sure they are connected.

hope this gave u a point 2 start from, as i have no idea about that topic.