Detecting mobile devices

Hey guys…I’m sorry if I’ve asked this before but I’ve been missing in action for quite some time. My question is…can anyone point me to some good online resources that can give me some insight on how professional developers write code to detect a mobile device’s page request, and then determine its screen size so the data can be displayed in a presentable manner? I’m assuming this info is on the web somewhere…

More often these days developers building responsive HTML pages. There are a lot of frameworks to use but maybe one of the most famous is (take a look at the examples and resize your browser from wide to small or vica versa)

that’s a frontend topic, so just make some research on responsiv layout and css grids, e.g.

thank you so much guys! I will take a look. =)

CSS Flexbox can make responsive layouts as well as Grid. Research the two and decide which will be easier for you. You will need to define your own CSS classes, so there is a bit to learn. Alternatively, use Bootstrap, mentioned above. The thing with Bootstrap is that if you use the default styles, your pages will kind of look the same in terms of features as any other sites using it. I think it uses a JQuery module for any animated effects, but at least you won’t need to know how to code JQuery.

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