designing a webform question

I am designing a web form that will:

  1. have an input field for the user that upon entering a record id will then search a table in the MYSQL database and pull out data from several fields to populate the form.
  2. Accept user input into a text field.
  3. Upon clicking the submit button, the form will update the data base ( the text field on the form has a related field in the table), and then it will email the form to an email address.

I have the basic code ready to go for the e-mail part of the form, however I don’t know what to look for when it comes to a tutorial for the other part of it. What would that be called?

I figured that one of you guys has run across this in the past, this combination of data retrieval and input / database update, and you would be able to point me in the direction of either a tutorial or just what term to look up to learn how to do it. I have a SAMS php/MYSQL/Apache book, as well as Larry Ullmans “PHP for the WWW” book.

PS. I have accomplished most of this with MSACCESS, except the e-mail part, so that is why I want to try and get it done on the web with PHP.

Thanks a lot for any help you can give.

90 - 95% of this is explained in the codewalkers basic tutorial I was talking about in the other thread. SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE are gone over as well as how they work in/with forms. If you don’t understand something just let us know.

There is one question I have.

When setting up a form such as one outlined in that tutorial, are sufficient security issues built in, or are there other things that should be done to ensure that the database is safe from unwanted intrusion?

The last programmer I had work on my database said that some security things were wrong and he changed them, but he never specified what they were. Since this page will be on the website, do I need to worry about any additional security measures besides the username / password that I have assigned to each user?

I didn’t note that the tutorial had an option for multiple user access. Would the “Using Sessions in PHP” tutorial at codewalkers have these answers?

Thanks guys.

there is a post in the security section about a workbook (only 55 pgs) being given out by Chris Shiflett. It is very good and covers most of what you are worried about. (database security, user security, ect.) All the tips are easy to do.

Read that first and then go to the sessions tutorial. Good luck.

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