Deprecated: Function strftime()

Hi all,
I use a module which creates new appointments based on Greek settings with dates and time as (dd/mm/yyyy 00:00:00)
The problem is that on every try for a new appoitment I get the error
Deprecated: Function strftime() is deprecated in …/libraries/src/Form/Field/CalendarField.php on line 322
The 322 line is

$this->value = strftime($this->format, strtotime($this->value));

I asked from my host provider to add calendar extension for php 8.1 which already has been done
Could you please help to fix that?

Deprecation notices are only there to give a heads up some feature will be removed soon. strtotime seem to be set to be removed in PHP 9.

If you get the deprecation notice in a production environment you should change your error display settings to not show internal errors.

There’s is nothing to worry about. This will only become an issue when you need to upgrade to PHP 9, and only if the calendar extension hasn’t been updated yet.

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