Deploy tools?

What tools do you use to deploy projects?

What is the simplest tool?

What is the concept of ‘shared files’ in deployment?

Well, there are thousands of ways to deploy projects. Not sure what you are wanting to deploy.
There are very simple ways to deploy projects. Such as GIT. But, others use ones like DOCKER, too.
Really, it depends on what you need to deploy. If it is simply program updates, you can do that directly
thru the app itself. Simply check the current version on the server and pop-out an update notice.

Here is a link that discusses the top ones and gives a nice pros/cons section on both. Might help you…
As far as shared files, are you talking about shared projects or just file sharing?

How many servers are we talking about? Personal projects or professional? A previous company would log into bitbucket and pull the master branch to the server.

Are you looking more to do CI/CD or what?

Think old school 2010 or earlier PHP projects.

All on shared servers. Some don’t have git on them.

Some of the deployment tools mentioned “shared files” as in (I assume) there are some files or folders that are never overwritten when the latest version of the site replaces the previous version.

Shits and giggles, giggles and shits.

Um, Any chance they can be updated to allow for modern practices? Are you a Confluence user?

No chance for updates on 2 of them and 2 of the other ones are used for testing things that go live on the other 2 so I’d want to use the same deployment steps on all.

I’m not a confluence user.

In hindsight asking for the “simplest” tool was a mistake. It looks like a lot of tools assume you always have ssh access and permission to rename/move, delete and copy files and create symlinks so doing anything different requires a flexible tool that can be configured to do whatever is actually needed.

Yeah, those would be required. Do you not have ssh or rights to it? One company used bash scripts for deployment. Would that be more inline with simple and still effective?

Yes and no. Whatever I do would need to be not too annoying to the primary developer on the projects which is why using a tool where all configuration in done in PHP would be best. Going to give up on deployment for now and go back to trying to add some tests to this thing.

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