Delivery Script Error Please Help

Hello, we use a digital good delivery script tool for delivery of our school lessons. This week, our admin panel began showing this php error. The code below is the line 17 code it mentions within the script error shown on our admin panel. The delivery system works but when the ZIP file is delivered it is empty.

Deprecated: Assigning the return value of new by reference is deprecated in /data/5/0/2/15/328830/user/335069/htdocs/vo101/delivery/ds-lib/phpxml-1_2b/xml.php on line 17

function & XML_unserialize(&$xml){
$xml_parser = &new XML();
$data = &$xml_parser->parse($xml);
return $data;

If you could explain this error and maybe share how we could fix it we would be very grateful. We think it is just a patch we need to add to the php called xml.php

Thank you in advance.
Anthony Reece

Did you upgrade PHP?

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