Deleting a File


I would like to learn the best (most proper / safest) way to delete a file from the server via PHP.

In my case, I am the only admin and the only one with the access to delete a file. The files are all image files.

I have read a couple different ways on how to do this, and some recommend opening the file and closing the file first. I just wanted to see what the experts here think is the best way to do this.

Currently, I’m looking at doing it this way:

    if (file_exists($file)) {
    } else {
        // Error display stuff

Any concerns with this? Should I open and close the file first?


I’m no expert but there’s also a chance unlink() will fail and return false and you should check for that as well.


If you do not have the proper permissions on the file or if it is open in another process unlink will fail.