Deleted users

Several days ago, I sent a mass emailing to the entire user base of PHPHELP.COM announcing the change of ownership. Since there were OVER 4000 users, I removed all users that were from spammers (it was pretty obvious on most of them).

Additionally, there were users registered from before 2004 with 0 posts… They too were removed. Any user that had registered but not activated was removed.

Finally, I received over 1000 bounce/delivery failure messages from the mass mailing. I am going through theses users one by one and reviewing them as well. If they have a post count of 0 or if they have visited in long time (not withstanding the problems with the board), then they will be removed.

My apologies ahead of time if a valid userid was/is removed. You will need to recreate it.

If you user id is valid and your email has changed since it was created… then you should update it so as to prevent this sort of thing from happening in the future

Userids with email addresses that continue to bounce will be removed. Moral of this story is to please keep your profile up to date.

Another note on emails. Email addresses are not shown by default (unless you change your preferences in your profile.) This site didn’t and still doesn’t share this information without your permission unless required to by law.

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