Deleted User accounts and DB Maintenance.

Many may have noticed that the number of Registered Users has gone done. Unfortunately, sometime ago, there was a problem (possibly a “Pruning” setting) that caused information about posts (many older than 2003) to be removed/deleted.

Fast forward to today (January 2007). I am going through the database of users and posts and recent activity. I am re-syncing post counts (yours might have gone down) and any user that ends up with a ZERO (0) Post count and that has not had activity since 2003 is/has been/will be deleted.

I am sorry if this causes an inconvenience to you and will apologize now. However, to maintain an efficient forum with (ideally) accurate information (users without a valid email may be deleted as well), I must do this maintenance. Additionally, many of these old accounts may have been spam accounts anyway.

Once again I am sorry for the inconvenience that this may cause. If your account was deleted as part of this “Maintenance” process, and you still wish to be a member (Spammers excluded of course), then please re-register.

Additionally, once you have “Re-Registered”, please introduce yourself in the Greetings forum because users that have been registered for more than a day or two and have a post count of ZERO (0) will also be deleted (You can thank spammers for that one too).

Thanks again,

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