Delete Database entry in html webpage

I have a php form with which I can enter the signs up the database and I can also see the records that I have entered.
Now I would like to delete the records, as for that was following this tutorial:
Well, after changing a few linia have adopted the code to my form and my database, I get a column to delete a row, but when I click on it nothing happens.
Here I pass the screenshot of my page:
This is my code:



ISBN: Títol: Autor: Editorial: Gènere: Edició: Llengua: Sinposi: Pàgines: Any:
<?php include("connexio.php"); $link=Conectarse(); $result=mysql_query("select * from llibres",$link); ?> <?php
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) {
	printf("<tr><td>&nbsp;%s</td> <td>&nbsp;%s</td> <td>&nbsp;%s</td> <td>&nbsp;%s</td> <td>&nbsp;%s</td> <td>&nbsp;%s</td> <td>&nbsp;%s</td> <td>&nbsp;%s</td> <td>&nbsp;%s</td> <td>&nbsp;%s</td><td><a href=\"borrarindex.php?id=%d\">Borra</a></td></tr>", $row["ISBN"], $row["Titol"], $row["Autor"], $row["Editorial"], $row["Genere"], $row["Edició"], $row["Llengua"], $row["Sinopsi"], $row["Pàgines"], $row["Any"], $row["ID_Prueba"]);


 ISBN   Títol   Autor   Editorial   Gènere   Edició   Llengua   Sinopsi   Pàgines   Any   Borra&nbsp


<?php include("connexio.php"); $link=Conectarse(); $id=$_GET['id']; mysql_query("delete from llibres where ID_Prueba = $id",$link); header("Location: index.php"); ?>

If anyone knows how to resolve this problem please say it to me

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