Let me start by saying I’m retired and am trying to teach myself php to make my website more interactive.

I’ve installed a local host and have purchased a self-teach guide. I’m slowly getting to grips with the syntax, but fixing bugs, can sometimes take more time than I would like.

What would be very helpful would be a debugger that could step through the programme step by step so that the content of variables could be examined.

I’d be surprised if something like this didn’t exist but, being retired, my resources are limited, so I couldn’t afford to pay too much.

Can anybody guide me please?


Look up xdebug, it’s free - like most tools you need for web dev. You might find that you think some tools are worth some extra $$$, but you can always find open source / free alternatives. Like I prefer to pay for the PHPstorm editor, while I would be just as fine using ie Netbeans that is free.