Debugging and Troubleshooting

I’m curious what the best program is for Mac to write, troubleshoot, and debug PHP code. Should I use Eclipse, Dreamweaver, or what? I like how well Eclipse works with Java, pointing out errors along the way. Is there something like that for PHP?


Just use the debugging software available in most browsers.

i don’t think their is a “best” i think its more of how you feel using said application.
i use Google chrome with debugging extensions, and notepad++ to code in. sorry if notepad is old school, i just feel more comfy with it. and NP++ has syntax highlighting, making writing a bit easier. especially if i forget a quote, a slash, or even if i am using the correct <> for EOF;… many times i have used >>>EOF wondering why my html was not showing up.

FYI, I use netbeans IDE for all my PHP coding, I’ve tried Notepad++, Zend, Dreamweaver and many others but Netbeans has stayed top of my list so far. This sort of topic is hard to answer though as it is down to personal preference.

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