date and time format

hello to all…
my problem is how to convert UNIX TIME STAMP to a regular time?

thats all

tnx :D

Have you tried googling?

yes i done with that…but here is my other problem…

$hour1='08:00:00'; $hour2='12:00:00'; echo $fourh=strtotime($hour2)-strtotime($hour1); echo '<br />'; echo $amtotal=strtotime($samout)-strtotime($samin); echo '<br />'; echo $grrr=$fourh-$amtotal; echo '<br />'; echo date("h:i:s",$fourh); echo '<br />'; echo date("h:i:s",$amtotal); echo '<br />'; echo date("h:i:s",$grrr);

why does the result of date(“h:i:s”,$grrr); is 12:45:00. i thought is was 00:45:00… :D

the value of my $samin is 07:45:00 and 11:00:00 is for $samout
any idea pls.

See this page. It explains why the use of ‘h’ in the first parameter is not the right letter for what you’re trying to do.

ok got it. tnx

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