Database security question


I’m trying to link up a table with email addresses to MS outlook, through access2000.

However, I question the security of outlook. Can this create a backdoor into my database that hackers could use?


If it’s YOUR outlook, then I think the likely hood of a hacker getting in to your database is slim. They would have to send you file that you would have to open (in outlook) to gain any type of access (through outlook) to get to your database.

That being said, you should always be wary of suspicious emails from people you don’t know.

Also, you may want to consider just IMPORTING the addresses into your database as opposed to Linking to the address book in outlook.

Finally, I am not sure which address book (Contacts, LDAP, PAB, etc…) that you are using, but I believe, with the exception of CONTACTS (and not even 100% on that either), the address books are a separate part of Outlook and doesn’t even need outlook Running to access them. Thus the issue of outlook security is no longer an issue.

I personally would check with Microsofts KB to be sure though.