Customise Header for Different pages on website


Hi There.
I am very very new to PHP and Wordpress. Like 4 hours old… So excuse if this is a stupid question but would really appreciate some guidance.

I have a website… The website is in 2 languages and we have created English pages to begin with… and the russian pages begin with…

I want to customise so that the header for rusian pages will be different as compared to the English pages.

I have 2 files created header.php and header-ru.php

The code i wrote to include in the page.php file is this;

<?php if(strpos("$_SERVER['SCRIPT_URI']","") == FALSE) {get_header();} else{get_header(ru);} wp_head(); ?>

But it does not load the page… it breaks down with a HTTP 500 error


when developing you should work with all error messages turned on.

check the server error logs to see what the 500 error complains about.